Transitioning Out: 0-3


Eventually, all families end their Early Intervention services. Many families and their children move on to other community programs. Moving from one program to another is often referred to as a transition. By law, your involvement with the Early Intervention Colorado program must end no later than your child’s third birthday.

The Early Intervention Colorado website is at:

Before age three, you and your Imagine! service coordinator need to plan for the move from the early intervention services you are now receiving to those you may need in the future.

Transition is different for every family. There are several ways your child may make the transition to the next step in his or her growth and learning:

  • Your child may leave the Early Intervention Colorado program before age three.
  • Your child may be eligible for preschool special education services through your local public school district by age three.
  • Your child may transition to other available supports in your community at age three.

Your child’s Imagine! service coordinator will assist you and your child as you move to the next place, or setting, smoothly and at the right time.