Case Management Unsung Hero

Case Management Unsung Heroes

Submitted by MacKenzie Haering

Imagine!’s Case Management department works with many great people. To show their appreciation, each month they choose an “Unsung Hero” within the department. Case Managers, support staff, and Case Management supervisors all put in nominations describing what the person has contributed to go above and beyond to support those we serve.

We would like to recognize Gabbie Norton and Jeff Johnson  as this month’s Case Management Unsung Heroes!

Gabbie goes above and beyond to support members of her team, as well as the clients we service.  Just minutes before a new case manager was supposed to run her first Continued Stay Review (CSR) independently, she learned, that for unexpected reasons, she did not have an experienced case manager to accompany her.  Gabbie showed initiative and leadership by volunteering to support the new case manager and attended the CSR with her.



Jeff has consistently been so helpful in resolving the many Medicaid issues that have come up since we started using the Bridge. Most recently, I had a mother of a client contact me about receiving a Medicaid denial letter for her son and she was extremely worried about this affecting his services and medical needs. I contacted Jeff about how to reach Adams County and he provided me with the contacts. When I continued to receive no responses from Adams County, Jeff contacted them and spoke to them directly about the case for a long time to determine the issue. Because of this phone call, my client’s Medicaid was reinstated! His mother was elated and sent an email with a huge thank you to Jeff and said that she “can’t tell me how much gratitude she has for Jeff.” I truly appreciate how willing Jeff is to help in these complicated situations. We couldn’t do it without him!


Great work, Gabbie and Jeff, and thank you for your dedication! Click on their names to send either Gabbie or Jeff a personal note.