Warrior Mom’s Empowerment Group: 8-Week Workshop

Think Outside the Box Coaching, LLC Presents:

Warrior Mom’s Empowerment Group

Starts Monday, April 3rd in Boulder/Longmont


Looking for community?  Feel like you’re alone and overwhelmed?

Not sure how to make a difference for yourself or your family?

Become Inspired, Find Your Passion, and Find Friends!



What is the Warrior Mom's Empowerment Group?

The Warrior's Mom Empowerment Group (WMEG) is a unique program for mothers of special need children that focuses on those matters that all women need to thrive- namely self-fulfillment, self-nourishment, intimate relationships, and true connections to other women.


Why a WMEG

Women and mothers around the world are prone to self-sacrifice. It is their nature to put everyone and everything else before themselves. However, when one has a child with special needs, that child can become their life to the point of loosing themselves almost completely.  Taking care of others at their own expense can often lead to depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and isolation.   


At Think Outside the Box Coaching LLC we recognize the unique vulnerabilities of special need mothers.  WMEG was created to provide these special moms with a safe and intimate environment where they can come together to find the tools they need to inspire, encourage and empower themselves, their families and each other. 


How does WMEG work?

Initially there is an 8-week Introduction Course.  The group will meet once a week for 90 minutes with a maximum of 10 women.  Class size is small allowing for true intimacy among the participants. During this 8-week, period participants will lay the foundations necessary to find out which area(s) of their lives they would like to empower. (Don’t worry if you have no idea what that may be.) Each week a new theme will be introduced.  Participants will be encouraged to set personal goals and begin planning their personal action plan. At the end of the 8 weeks there will be an option for participants to continue with the group on a more permanent basis if that is so desired.  


What is the Cost?

The Warrior Mom’s Empowerment Introduction Course is $240 for the full 8 weeks. (If you receive funding from your local CCB, this course should be covered under “Parent Support.” Check with your case manager.)


Where does the WMEG take place?

Because our time is very precious, our goal is for no one to have to travel more than 30 miles.  Check off on the registration form which area is most convenient for you, (Denver/Broomfield or Boulder/Longmont) and you will see your specific location address on the registration form.




Other Options:

Please contact Dr. Goresko directly if you would like her to lead a group of Warrior Mom’s in your area.  WMEG might be a great alternative or a great supplement to your local support group. She can be reached at DrStacy@ThinkOutsideTheBoxCoaching.com or call 720-290-2707.  


How do I Register?

For your convenience the registration form is provided inside this brochure.  Fill it out and send it along with your complete payment to: Dr. Stacy Goresko, 8083 Meadowdale Square, Longmont CO, 80503. Space is very limited and is first come first served.  For more information, Dr. Goresko can be reached at DrStacy@ThinkOutsideTheBoxCoaching.com or call 720-290-2707


Lead Instructor:Dr. Stacy Goresko, is a National Speaker, Educator, and Certified Autism Consultant.  She is also a parent of a child with autism and understands what families need to thrive.  In addition, she is a certified life coach and has dedicated her life and her passion to inspiring others to inspire themselves. She is a firm believer that when we take care of ourselves first, we are better able to take care of others. 


Registration Form for April 2017

Warrior Mom’s Empowerment Group


First Name_____________________     Last Name__________________________


Location and Dates and Times:    Classes are from 6:30pm-8:00pm

Boulder/Longmont Location: 8083 Meadowdale Square, Niwot Colorado 80503

Denver/Broomfield Location: Broomfield Community Ctr, 280 Spader Way Broomfield 80020

Check one: Denver/Broomfield (April 6th)______  Boulder/Longmont (April 3rd)______


Mailing Address_______________________________________________________________

Cell Phone Number________________________   Home Number___________________

Reason(s) for wanting to attend WMEG?





Form of Payment:             Check _______Credit_______


We accept checks or online credit cards. Please make check payable to “Stacy Goresko, Ph.D.” Mail your registration form and payment to Stacy Goresko, Ph.D., 8083 Meadowdale Square, Niwot CO 80503. If using a credit card you may send your registration form via email and pay online by going to www.ThinkOutsideTheBoxCoaching.com and clicking on “Pay for Services.” Only completed and properly signed registration forms, accompanied by full payment, will be processed. Registration deadline is Friday, March 31, 2017.


Refund policy- You may cancel up to eight days before your session begins and you will be reimbursed 75% of the full fee.  There will be no refund for later cancellations.


Signature and Date: I have read and consent to the above terms and conditions. 

Signed: ______________________            Date:______________

Location - click on the location below to see all events at that location: 
Monday, April 3, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm