Sensory Friendly Performance: ELF, Jr.

Tapestry Theatre Co invites you to our first sensory friendly performance.  We recognize that many families who live with differing abilities feel they cannot attend live performances.  The Dec. 2, 2 p.m. performance will provide a welcoming environment and access to the theatre arts.  Our overall goal is to make sure no one feels left out, judged or mistreated. We aim to bring a performance, with an all abilities cast, to those who are and are not comfortable in a typical performance setting.


Please let her know right away if you are interested in purchasing tickets, and how many you wish to purchase. And if you cannot afford tickets, the ACL and Tapestry have some limited scholarships available


What makes this a sensory friendly performance?


§  House lights will remain at 35%

§  Microphone volumes will be decreased

§  Staff  will be easily accessible for any questions or problems

§  Involuntary movements and noises are expected and welcomed

§  There is a designated movement area for anyone who feels they need to move during the performance

§  A comfortable seating area with pillows will be provided  

§  Actors will adapt their performance, as they are able, to include and accept changes in the environment, including movement and noises from the audience


Tapestry Theatre Company brings inclusive theatre to life in Boulder County by providing local actors the chance to shine on stage.  Elf Jr's cast is multi-generational,  casting actors of all abilities.  This unique model features a shared theatre performance, highlighting the strengths of all actors, while challenging societal perceptions about people with disabilities.  Tapestry cultivates a welcoming, safe, and inclusive community, ensuring everyone has fun experiencing the magic of theatre. Our participants discover talents they never knew they had, make connections with people unlike themselves, and form long-lasting friendships embracing our philosophy of:  Applauding All Abilities!

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Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm