Autism Climbs FUNdamental Climbing Workshop

Sunday, November 5th

6:30 pm

ABC Kids Climbing 

1960 32nd St, Boulder, CO 80301


Kids all ages with ASD and their families and friends are invited to try out indoor rock climbing. ABC Kids has tall walls with top ropes, bouldering areas (=short walls over thick mats), little kids play area with zip line and slide, and quieter areas upstairs with balancing and climbing games. 


Our climbing volunteers are dedicated climbers and have passed ABC Kids' belay assessment. Many of our volunteers are therapists or educators and have experience working with kids. We will get you all set with climbing shoes and harness and tie you into the ropes, or supervise and help with bouldering. 

Please sign up at:


·  RSVP please - We need to know how many kids to expect so we can plan accordingly!

·  Waiver - All climbers need a gym waiver. Here is a link to the online or printable pdf waiver - This saves time at the entrance and will help your kiddos transition into the gym. You can still do the waiver at the door as well. 

·  Arrival -Event starts at 6:30 but feel free to come a bit early (as early as 6:15). 

·  Shoes and harness - ABC offers free rental equipment. Kids who prefer to keep their street shoes on may do so, as long as they are closed-toe. Harness is only necessary for top rope climbing, you don't need one for bouldering, zip line, or upstairs activities. 

·  Clothes - Be comfy! No long dresses or skirts, no long necklaces, no strings and hoods - please avoid anything that could get caught in the wall. Jeans or short dresses with leggings are ok. 

·  Safety talk - Look up! Please remind your kiddos to look up and not go right under the climbers. 

Here is a link to "a social story: indoor rock climbing" on youtube. This shows a different but similar climbing gym and may help your kids know what to expect!

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Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm