Registration Closes - Bootstraps Asset Building Financial Education Online Program

Registration Closes - Bootstraps Asset Building Financial Education Online Program

The online Bootstraps program helps participants achieve personal goals through changes in the choices they make.  It is the foundation for gaining confidence in their long-term empowerment and success.  Bootstraps is uniquely relevant to people who want to improve their financial stability and take control of their lives.

Outcomes of the training include:

  • Improved control over finances and benefits
  • More thorough understanding of the basic economic foundation needed before taking a traditional financial management class or working with a financial planner
  • Tools to make new choices around money, health, and stress management
  • Identification of personal values and goals
  • Join a growing community of people around the country who want to take charge of their own choices to create the level of stability that works for them.

In the class, you will explore:

Part 1:  How to regain the power to align your spending, saving and health-related behaviors with your values and beliefs.


Part 2:  Recognizing the influence of media, marketing and community on decision-making and the current reality of debt in society.


Part 3:  Exploring the relationships among finances, stress and health; understanding the value we put on time.


Part 4:  Developing your process of saving and budgeting through intentional change.

The Bootstraps Class is now available as an Asynchronous online training. This is an eight-hour class that you take on your own time over a four week period. It includes discussion boards, interactive exercises, checks for understanding, and feedback from a certified Bootstraps Facilitator!

For more information or to register:

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Thursday, August 28, 2014 (All day)