2014 ANCOR Conference "Beyond the Envelope"


2014 ANCOR Conference

"Beyond the Envelope"

May 4-6, 2014

Hilton Miami Downtown

1601 Biscayne Boulevard

Miami, FL  33132

(305) 374-0000


Innovators, Status Quo Rejecters, Boundary Smashers . . . This One’s For You

As usual, our best ideas come from watching you. And what we see is that you’ve always pushed the envelope. You looked at the status quo, and said: “We can do better.” You rejected institutions. You fought segregation. You’ve accepted no limits on the ways you can support people with disabilities living the lives they choose.

You challenged public perception. You challenged lawmakers and regulators. You challenged yourselves.

Time and time again, you’ve channeled innovation. You’ve broken through and found a way to give the people you serve the best supports possible.

That’s what this year’s conference is all about – ANCOR supporting you as you continue to push the edge of the envelope. We’ll bring you new ideas, creative strategies, and pioneering solutions. We’ll bring you speakers you won’t forget. We’ll host a town hall meeting unlike any other. And after a long winter, we’ll let the sun rejuvenate us and fuel robust discussions about the future and the things you need to keep pushing beyond the envelope.

Join us in Miami, FL May 4 – 6 for the 2014 ANCOR Conference: Beyond the Envelope, and be sure to register your DSPs for our DSP Leadership Academy. Registration for DSPs is free with any paid registration from your organization.

Envelope pushers, advocates, difference makers: we need your voice this year! So register now and make a plan to be there this May!

For more information visit: http://www.ancor.org/training-events/2014-ancor-conference-beyond-envelo...


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Sunday, May 4, 2014 - 8:00am to Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 5:00pm