The Transition Conference

With your consent, a transition conference will be arranged with you by your service coordinator. This meeting must occur no later than 90 days before your child’s third birthday. If your child may be eligible for special education services, someone from the school district must be invited to the meeting.

This meeting will help to identify all possible transition options for your child and prepare you to transition from the Early Intervention Colorado program. Be sure that everyone you wish to be invited, such as child care providers, service providers, or your relatives or friends, is included.

A transition conference meeting can never be held without a parent or legal guardian in attendance. Other people who must be included in your transition conference meeting are:

  • Your Imagine! service coordinator;
  • Your child and family’s current early intervention provider(s); and
  • As appropriate, a person from the program into which your child plans to transition.

If a person listed above is unable to attend the transition conference, arrangements must be made for the person to be involved in another way, including:

  • Participating by phone;
  • Having another person attend the meeting for them; or
  • Having a written report available at the meeting.

If the representative from the program your child plans to transition into is unable to attend, your service coordinator will still conduct the transition conference as scheduled, unless you prefer to reschedule the meeting.

If someone is unable to attend that you feel is vital to a successful transition conference for your child, you can ask your service coordinator to reschedule the meeting to a time that works for that person’s schedule.

During the transition conference, you will continue to develop a plan to prepare your child for new experiences. Focus on ways to help your child experience success. Ask as many questions as you have, or can think of, and feel free to write some down before the meeting if you like.

The plan will include steps and timelines to help you and your child transition to a new setting or program. If needed evaluations are not completed by the time of your transition conference, then the necessary steps and timelines to complete the evaluations will be documented in your transition plan. Be sure you receive contact information for people attending your child’s transition conference so that you can call with any questions you have after the meeting.