Beginning Your Child’s Transition Plan

As early as your child’s second birthday, you, your service coordinator, and other members of your IFSP team, will begin to document the steps and services to support a smooth and timely transition when your child reaches three years of age. These steps will include identifying the services you will need to help your child adjust to, and do well in, a new setting. It helps if you begin the transition plan early so that you have enough time to explore options for your child and family, determine the best placement for your child, and put in place other supports that will make the transition smooth and meaningful.

The transition steps and services are part of the transition plan page of your child’s IFSP. Your child’s transition plan might be updated over time and should include at least:

  1. A description of how your family is involved in the transition process;
  2. Ways to prepare your child for any program changes, including steps, services and timelines to help your child adjust to, and do well in, a new setting;
  3. Previous and current evaluation/assessment information;
  4. Steps to exit the Early Intervention Colorado program; and,
  5. A review of your child’s program options.

During the year before your child turns three, it will be helpful for you to:

  • Think of three or four goals you might have for your child in the next year.
  • Discuss your questions, priorities and things that you want for your child’s transition with your service coordinator.
  • Consider ways you would like to update your IFSP.
  • Consider visiting the various service options in your community as a part of making your decisions.
  • If you are considering preschool special education services, take time to learn about this program.