Provider Database

Early Intervention Colorado has implemented a Provider Database which contains information about the people who provide services for Early Intervention in the State of Colorado.  The provider database can be used to help you select a provider for your family.

You can access the Provider Database by clicking here. 

  • Click the blue box on the upper left labeled “Family Members Please Click Here To Search For Provider”. 
  • Enter your zip code and select the service you are looking for from the list below the search button.  
  • Click “Search”.

You will then see those providers who contract with the Imagine!’s Early Intervention program along with  a brief description of about  the provider.  If you are interested in a specific provider please contact your Service Coordinator who will follow up with the provider to see if he or she is available, keeping in mind the requirements of the funding hierarchy.

Please note that some zip codes overlap the service area for multiple Community Centered Boards (CCBs) (such as Imagine! and Envision for zip code 80504).  Only those providers who list Imagine! on the CCB line above the provider phone number can work with Imagine!’s Early Intervention program.