Free Webinar: Current/Emerging Technology for Individuals with Autism

Free Webinar on Current and Emerging Technology for Individuals with Autism to Build Communication and Education Skills

A growing body of research reveals that individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a heightened interest in all forms of visual materials. This coupled with strong visual processing skills, makes this group an excellent candidate to benefit from technology-based instruction. Please join us for a webinar that focuses on current and emerging technologies that impact learning and communication. The Webinar will detail our experience implemting technology at Monarch Center for Autism. The discussion will include case examples of applied technology used to enhance communication and education skills among individuals with mild, moderate and severe autism. Specific topics will include:

  • Current technology including: Mobile devices and apps; Video Modeling; Visual Scene Displays; SmartBoard technology; Assistive Communication Technology

  • Emerging technology including: Apple Watch & other wearables with biometrics; Oculus Rift; Google Glass; Amazon Echo; Robotics; on-line instructional content

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify current technology used with individuals with ASD

  • Identify emerging technology that show promise for individuals with ASD

  • Identify how technology can help build communication and education skills

  • Gain awareness of the future potential for student growth thanks to new technology


  • Dr. Howard C. Shane, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Center for Communication Enhancement and the Autism Language Program at Boston Children's Hospital, where he has worked for more than three decades.  He has been associated with Monarch Center for Autism for more than a decade, assisting Monarch School with integrating technology and visual supports into the overall curriculum. He has designed more than a dozen computer applications used widely by persons with disabilities and holds two U.S. Patents. His technologies have led to the creation of three technology companies that create products for people with disabilities. Dr. Shane has received Honors of the Association Distinction and is a Fellow of the American Speech and Hearing Association. He is the recipient of the Goldenson Award for Innovations in Technology from United Cerebral Palsy Association. Dr. Shane is the author of 5 books and has written numerous papers and chapters on severe speech impairment, lectured throughout the world on the topic, and produced numerous computer innovations enjoyed by persons with complex communication disorders. He's been featured on 60 Minutes, Larry King Live, Dateline, 20/20, and Frontline.

  • Christian Karter, M.A., is the Educational Technology Specialist at Monarch Center for Autism, a division of Bellefaire JCB, in Shaker Heights, Ohio. He holds a Master's degree in Community Counseling and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, both from John Carroll University. He has worked at Monarch Center for Autism for nine years, as an Associate Teacher in the classroom and in his present role. His chief responsibilities include iPad deployment, Monarch's PAIRS Data System management, and introductions of new technologies into the classrooms.

Time: 1PM to 2PM EST

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Monday, December 14, 2015 - 11:00am to 12:00pm