Asset-Based Community Development

Mobilizing the gifts of people, organizations, and communities


Sister Carmen Community Center, Lafayette, CO

Friday April 19th, 2013 8:30am-12:00pm


Most communities address social and economic problems with only a small amount of their total capacity. Much of a community’s capacity is not used and is needed! This is the challenge and opportunity of community engagement. Everyone in a community has something to offer. There is no one we don’t need and a community without a place for everyone is a community really with a place for no one! Asset Based Community Devel­opment (ABCD) is a powerful approach to community development that will focus your effort on discovering and mobilizing the resources that are already present in your community. Participants are eligible for 3.5 CEUs.


Mike Green is affiliated with the Asset Based Community Development Institute and the Denver Foundation. He offers training and consultation to organizations to engage local communities as partners for collective action. Mike is the coauthor of When People Care Enough To Act: ABCD In Action, a book about imple­menting asset-based com­munity development to create successful community partnerships. Mike’s present framework for practice came from his life experience in community organizing, social work and business. He is a licensed clinical social worker (M.S.W.) and family therapist. He has worked in human services, public welfare, mental health and schools.


“Assets” are resources that become valuable when they are made productive. When people discover what they have they find power. When people join in new connec­tions and relationships they build power. When people be­come more productive together, they exercise their power to address problems and realize dreams!”

— Mike Green


Participants will

                    • Learn the principles of asset-based community development;

                    • Examine your own views on poverty and helping;

                    • Define the capacity of your current organizational environment to create community change;

                    • Envision your own ability to act within that envi­ronment; and

                    • Create an action plan to engage your community.


Who will Benefit from this Experience?

                    • People seeking to develop more connected, inclu­sive and engaged local communities;

                    • Community organizing, community builders and resident service staff from nonprofit organiza­tions or government;

                    • Management and resource development staff from nonprofit organizations;

                    • Community association members and leaders;

                    • Local government and nonprofit agencies who want to develop creative more powerful ways of partnering with their communities;

                    • Staff, leaders and young people from youth devel­opment organizations and programs; and

                    • Human Services workers seeking to support the fuller inclusion of people they support.



Registration and networking begin at 8:00am.


Registration starts at $35 for members of The Human Services Network and affiliates of Family Link


TO REGISTER visit or call 720-252-3628


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Friday, April 19, 2013 - 8:30am to 12:00pm